From local to international at your door


Dear Clients,

As previously announced, our new website allow our client to have a greater access to its financials and accounting information.


Thanks to our « Customer area », you have now the possibility to subscribe to an efficiente, fast and secured consultation of your bookkeeping on our « Connected accounting Platform ». What we really provided is a secured CLOUD service. Our platform are then available everywhere either on your PC, tablet or even your smartphone.


What are the most valuable assets of our brand new « Connected accounting platform » ?


Gain in efficiency thanks to the simplification and the centralization of your work environment.

Our « connected accounting platform » gives you access to :


  1. Real-team access to your bookings ;
  2. Integrated communication tool ;
  3. Data centralization tool to digitalized all your professional documents ;
  4. Comparison on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis according to the client decision;
  5. Share all work related documents : purchases, sales, others, expenses, Excel, Word, PDF ;
  6. Year-end reports sharing ;
  7. Management report sharing;
  8. Financial report sharing ;
  9. Permanent record access.



The main goal of this new tool is clearly not to replace the personnal contact between Axas and its client but to improve the communication with cutting edge technologies.


Please feel free to ask for a DEMO to discover all its advantages.