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Certified Public Accounts tasks 

  • Book keeping for commercial and non-trading companies such as non-profit organisations (ASBL and AISBL)
  • Daily book keeping at our place or to our client’s office.
  • Supervision of your books : Verification and accrual adjustments
  • Advice on the organisation of accountancy, the administration and the IT system
  • Drawing up the statement of your books
  • Drawing up monthly or quarterly statements
  • Drawing up and submission of VAT, intracom and intrastat returns
  • Drawing up and publication of your annual accounts at the NBB
  • Drafting the business plan, the financial plan and a follow-up for budgets
  • Financial analysis, cost-benefit analysis and analysis and critical assessments of annual accounts
  • Income, advance payments and tax declaration optimisation
  • Guidance for setting up a company
  • Guidance through the creation of your new business
  • Guidance in a merger or a company liquidation
  • Assistance in drawing up the minutes of meetings
  • Assistance in the reports writing
  • Assistance in legal procedures
  • Assistance in the choice of the best legal form


Tax advisor tasks 

  • Drawing up returns and advice on taxation of companies, legale entities,  individuals, non-residents and corporate bodies
  • Study of all tax issues
  • Tax calculation
  • Assistance with all contacts with the tax office
  • Tax representation for foreign taxable persons
  • Assistance with the tax examinations
  • Tax optimisation
  • Advice on the income tax
  • Advice on indirect taxation (VAT, registration duty, capital duty, …)
  • International tax advice


  • Mise en place de méthodes et procédures
  • Evaluation de contrôle interne
  • Administrative support services


  • Checking and restatement of your annual accounts
  • The missions on monitoring our clients.
  • Professional advices for entreprises
  • Functionnal job analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Audit assignments on Belgian subsidiaries or foreign with reporting to the parent company

Accounting of communal administrations and communal ASBL

Axas Consulting has a wide range of knowledge in accounting of communal administrations. It also extends its area of expertise to non-profit organization (ASBL and AISBL). 

We also take care of, in behalf of numerous non-profit organizations, missions in organizing the accounts, the implementation of the accounting software, the billing system, the track of payments, the follow-up letters, the internal control in purchasing and the follow-up the reporting of subsidies. Our missions are:


  • The presentation of the annual accounts to the Management Commitee
  • Book keeping for non-profit organisation and communal administrations
  • Audit assignments
  • Monitoring the beneficiaries of a subvention from the communal administration
  • The choice and the implementation of the accounting software
  • Checking and restatement of your accounts
  • The facturation and the tracking system of payments
  • Personnel training
  • Organizing the accounting departments
  • Participation to their General Assembly to get the approval of the annual accounts, the balance sheet and the budget

Social advisor taks 

  • Advice on social legislation
  • The connection between our clients and the social services companies
  • Ensure proper pay-roll coordination